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Scholarship Recipient Alexandra Jones

Meet Shades of Health Aspiring Yoga Teacher Scholarship recipient


Alexandra Jones

She's an amazing mom, wife, artist and a graduate of the University of New Orleans. Alexandra Jones embarked on her journey at Transform NOLA in New Orleans. She is the founder of @Yoga4Unity and her natural leadership abilities has challenged the norm on social media with her highlight of black yoga teachers and yogis.

Meet Shades of Health Aspiring Yoga Teacher Scholarship recipient


Dr. Adrienne Dolberry

From professor at at state college to program director to a holistic health business owner. Dr. Adrienne Dolberry embarked on her journey at Studio 34 in Philadelphia, PA. Her business Reflectential focuses on working to bring holistic health and wellness to students in healthcare fields and the general public. She plans to spread her work throughout Philadelphia and participate as a volunteer yoga teacher at the Ahisma House in West Phil. This organization offers donation based classes in various healing modalities and meal services to the community.

Scholarship Recipient Dr. Adrienne Dolberry
Scholarship Recipient Darrian Evans

Meet Shades of Health Aspiring Yoga Teacher Scholarship recipient

Darrian Evans

She is a Clinical Mental Health Therapist at UofL Health. As an intern at Talley Family Counseling Center, she works with students from the WKU campus and the Bowling Green community mainly with individuals experiencing anxiety, depression and/or adjustment concerns. In addition, she also leads group therapy at Bowling Green Jr. High with 7th grade girls of color. Darrian’s groups with her students are by far the most inspirational work she has done. One of the Groups called Identity, Literature, and Yoga (ILY-I Love You) 

Meet Shades of Health Aspiring Yoga Teacher Scholarship Recipient

Prima Burney

Prima’s vision is to provide a healing space for her community that offers a multitude of holistic options for healing. She is a student of herbalism and Ayuerveda as food is still a passion of her. She recently left her corporate job and became an entreperneur. Open Door Apothecary is a plant based community focused holistic practice. She invites others to open the door and enjoy the journey within. Once she completes YTT her vision is to utilize the principles of yoga to assist as many people as possible on their journey.

Scholarship Recipient Prima Burney

Aspiring Yoga Teachers

Giving back and cultivating a community is very important to our future. We are offering a portion to help you accomplish your goals.

Let's hear about who you are, the work you do and how yoga has impacted your life. 

Eligibility: Must seek training from a RYS 200, 300, or 500. International applicants accepted; however, must be in english.

Requirements: Complete and submit essay to Upload 2 letters of recommendation. Proof of enrollment into a Yoga Teacher Training program

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