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Shionta Jones

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Shionta Jones

CEO & Founder of Shades of Health®. She is a Family Nurse Practitioner, Registered Hematology-Oncology nurse of 15 years, and Yoga Teacher from Southern Maryland. Shionta empowers families to grow and heal through integrating Family Health Nursing Research that applies across diverse family dynamics.

Family Health Nursing is a dynamic, changing state of well-being, which includes the biological, psychological, spiritual, sociological, and cultural factors of individual members and the whole family system. Research supports a moderate to high interest in practicing meditation and yoga among women and family caregivers of people with chronic conditions such as cancer, autoimmune, and rare genetic diseases. 

Her approach involves complex skill sets to assess, diagnose, create a shared-decision plan, and evaluate the outcome of meditation and or yoga intervention. She utilizes the Health Belief Model, a model that has evolved over the years and continues to promote perception related to behaviors of health. The six components include severity, barriers, cues to action, self-efficacy, susceptibility, and benefits.


Shionta completed her teacher training with an emphasis on Guided Meditation, Vinyasa Flow, Alignment Yoga, and Yin Yoga. Shionta has been recognized for her accomplishments by Black Girls Run, the Black Yoga Teacher Alliance, Voyage Atlanta, and Los Angeles Magazine. She has made an appearance on multiple podcast platforms including but not limited to Mediocre to Masterful and Mindfully Integrative to discuss finding freedom in Yoga. She continues to collaborate with other wellness advocates, enthusiasts, and researchers.


Shionta completed her Master of Nursing from UCLA, focusing on Integrative approaches as a Family Nurse Practitioner across the lifespan. Her approach to student and patient care is characterized by strong attention to detail, recognizing the importance of addressing the whole person and meeting them where they are. She is deeply committed to continuous learning and growth, particularly in Oncology, Family & Women's Health, and herbalism. Through her lived and professional experiences, Shionta plans to conduct her own research regarding the impact of meditation and yoga intervention on various aspects of the well-being of caregivers, patients, and their families.



Core Values 


Thinking outside the box of traditional & conservative health systems. Balancing bravery with a result-driven mentality to ensure our service offered has a direct impact


Working with wellness advocates and creatives to give rise to abundance in their community 


Investing in continuing education & certifications through our scholarship that helps pioneer a quest to knowledge and understanding


Focusing on an integrative approach to help promote wellness and prevent disease


Forward-thinking and actively looking for new solutions to long-lasting problems, especially in healthcare

Open to Grace Workshop

Talk to Shionta About:

Running, Plant-Based Eating, Being a Nursepreneur, Giant Schnauzers 

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