"Thank you for introducing me to yoga. Thank you for new experiences and your kindness." ~Desira~ 

"The knowledge and wisdom that you bring to your teachings is impeccable." ~Amanda~ 

"I am so proud to be one of your students! You live life with intention both personally and professionally." ~Janice~

"Your patients are so blessed to have you." ~Gina~

"My sciatica pain  has lessen thanks to you." ~David~

"I released so much negative energy with your guidance that I found myself with a face full of tears when I opened my eyes. With your guidance, I have been able to "take my yoga mat with me" in my daily living." ~Nicole~

"You are a wise, energy-driven instructor and your class is infused with that same compassion. I am very proud of you and all of your accomplishments. You are going to ignite the world, and everyone is going to know your name."


"Your music choices have helped me align mentally and emotionally." ~Karen~

"Thank you so much for an awesome class!" ~Tabasha~

"Shionta has an amazingly calm and open spirit that draws you into the Yin Yoga experience." ~Lena~

"Positive Mind. Positive Vibes. Positive Life. Thankful to have spent time with these friends today." ~Julie~

"I was really able to focus and fine tune a few things." ~Shawniece~

"This is the best investment I have ever made." ~Barry~ 

"Thank you so much for this opportunity." ~Darrian Nicole~

"Thank you for awarding me this scholarship to support my dream to support others. I'm grateful and look forward to paying it forward to" ~Prima~

"You are an inspiration to so many." ~Nikky~

"Best downward facing dog adjustment to date." ~Sheree~

"Exceptional people and place." ~Monica~

"The sound of your calming voice is enough to relax me during an otherwise busy work day. You constantly inspire me with your words of wisdom and mindful messages." ~Alice~ 

"Grounded women help ground other women." ~SJ~

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